NCER : A Great Place To Establish And Enhance Your Business

Every year, Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) helps hundreds of businesses get setup in the NCER.

The Largest Contributor To Malaysia’s Economy

Take advantage of NCER’s special incentives, leadership in innovation and talent from various academic as well as Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.

Benefit For Low Business Costs

NCER offers the most attractive corporate tax among Malaysia’s Economic Regions. Here you have access to a lower labour costs and obtain tax relief on Research and Development (R&D) costs.

Access A Highly Skilled Workforce

Hiring in NCER gives you access to an innovative and educated workforce. NCER is host to six (6) top universities in Malaysia and the world’s top 500 universities which makes NCER home to the largest proportion of people holding degrees or equivalent levels in Malaysia.

Build On Our Innovation

Reap the rewards of the region ranked number one on the Malaysia Innovation Index.

Why Invest In NCER

NCER welcomes foreign investment and business opportunities, and offers a great conducive environment for investors. NCER provides a secure place for investment, through its supportive state governments, vibrant economy, strong financial support and services sectors, with talented and skilled workforces.

Its close proximity and economic links to key export markets in Asia as well with its strategic locations makes NCER an attractive destination of business operations. The government of Malaysia has always adopted a pro-business policy, regardless of world economic situations. New incentives will be introduced to attract more investors into the NCER and among them include reducing the business tax rates and creating a conducive business infrastructure.

The NCER Offers The Following Advantages To Investors:

a) An Ecosystem That Has Evolved Over 40 Years
The business community in NCER has gone through an advanced stage of evolution, with over 40 years’ experience in dealing with both large and small local and foreign organisations. This has generated technical and business support ecosystems that efficiently facilitate private sector participations in NCER. Thus, supported by a business-friendly culture that has also evolved over the last 40 years, businesses have adapted the world class delivery standards to cater for the needs of multinational corporations.

b) Regional Enabler For Private Sector Participation
NCIA has gained recognition as a regional enabler for private sector participation. By a collaborative engagement charter, the presence of an efficient delivery system has been set up to support companies establish their operations and growth in NCER. This has led to strong relationships fostered with various government agencies and the private sector over the years.

c) Readily Available Skilled And Industry – Relevant Workforce
The regular engagement between the Industry and the Academia; and the setting up of Centres of Excellence to facilitate such collaborative efforts have improved the availability of skilled and industry-relevant workforce to meet the demands of the various sectors in NCER.

d) Excellent Market Outreach Via Experienced Logistics Network
Being home to the second busiest airport and one of the busiest seaports in Malaysia, the logistics sector has been a key enabler of trade for NCER along with an entire established cluster of support services. The Malaysian Government is currently prioritising infrastructure investments into NCER to improve international and regional connectivity.

NCER Incentives

To make the region more business-friendly andto further boost domestic and foreign investments into NCER, NCIA provides special tax incentives package for companies undertaking approved activities in the stipulated sectors.

For details, please refer to the following NCER Tax Incentives Packages.

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