NCIA aims to continue attracting new investments into NCER and encourage existing investments to expand their operations in the region. The Government recognises the unique and multi-faceted economic activities in NCER, and as such, focus is given on the regional approach and perspective to ensure that the region gains a competitive edge as an investment destination. In this regard, the NCER Tax Incentive Package (NTax) was approved on 13 August 2019 to encourage high-value and substantive investments to spearhead the regional development in NCER.

NTax is a comprehensive package of fiscal incentives currently being offered to investments in promoted activities within the region, particularly in manufacturing, agribusiness, petrochemical, green economy, and services which consists of tourism, logistics, education and digital economy. In the future, sustainable mining industry will also be a crucial and promoted sector in NCER.

NTax offers income tax exemption (Pioneer Status) of up to 100% for a period up to 15 years, OR Investment Tax Allowance offers up to 100% allowance on qualifying capital expenditure for up to 10 years. This tax incentive package is also applicable for manufacturing and seed companies undertaking Research and Development (R&D) activities in the region. Customised incentives may also be offered to high-impact or strategic projects in NCER.

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NCER Incentives Package (NTax)

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At NCIA, we believe that investments into NCER are crucial towards accelerating more economic growth and generating more opportunities to the rakyat. Therefore, it is our duty to handhold and be with the investors right from the beginning of their investment journey in NCER.

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