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As the manufacturing sector continues to move up the value chain, NCER aims to retain its lead in this sector through its ‘Centres of Excellence (COE)’s research and development initiatives. Your expertise and knowledge in consolidating the process of knowledge transfer in the manufacturing sector would be invaluable in the growth of this sector.

The Manufacturing sector in NCER focuses on the following clusters:





Fast-moving Consumer Good (FMCG)

Electrical & Electronics (E&E)

Mechanical & Electrical

Medical devices

High Impact Projects and Initiative

A) Kedah Science & Technology park (KSTP)

KSTP is strategically located at the Malaysia-Thailand border in Bukit Kayu Hitam; and is the only border town in Malaysia that is located on the Asian Highway Network linking Singapore and Thailand via AH2. It has the added advantage of attracting movements of goods, labour and tourists, being accessible via the NSE and is linked to Danok, Thailand by road.

The development of KSTP focuses on two components, namely the Global Research Centre and Modern Industrial Park, which will serve one another by providing complementary services and solutions.

KSTP will have multiple components to attract investors and businesses, such as commercial areas, higher learning and training centres, educational institutions, and open spaces to create a place to live, work and play.

The objectives of the KSTP are as follow:

  • To propel KSTP as an economic driver through applied R&D, which is important to channel innovations to the other planned developments in Kedah.
  • To provide high value jobs for locals and upskill talent by attracting top foreign researchers to facilitate knowledge transfer.
  • To enhance the national innovation system by facilitating research and commercialisation of innovation.

The project will be focusing on these (7) seven clusters:

  • Agro-Science (Priority cluster)
  • Advanced Materials (Priority cluster)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) (Priority cluster)
  • Halal Science
  • Component R&D and Manufacturing
  • Green Technology
  • Biotechnology

B) Kedah Rubber City (KRC)

KRC is a national-level strategic project that is expected to bring benefits to both Malaysia and Thailand. The project is strategically situated in the heart of the Natural Rubber Economic Belt, close to the source of raw materials. To be developed in an area with minimal existing economic activities, KRC is set to transform the area and stimulate overall socioeconomic development by:

  • Encouraging the development of public infrastructure (roads, amenities)
  • Attracting private investors to set up factories, offices and warehouses
  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Improving education levels and skills of the local workforce

This project will bring downstream rubber activities close to where upstream and midstream activities are found. The focus areas for KSTP will be:

  1. Advanced Latex Products
  2. Tyre & Tyre Related Products 
  3. Automotive Rubber Products
  4. Engineering Rubber Products
  5. Advanced Rubber Products & Rubber Materials
  6. Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical
  7. Service & Support

C) Perak Technology Park (PTP)

A New Growth Area Focusing On Digital & Knowledge Economy and Technology Sector.

PHTIP is positioned as the next Technology Park in NCER which will house high-tech and high-value added industries, with Global Business Services (GBS) as the driver for growth. PHTIP will serve as a catalyst project for adoption and development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) in Perak.

The project is set to generate wealth, sustainable income, create jobs & entrepreneurial opportunities and minimise out-migration.

PHTIP’s potential economic contribution consist of value added of RM0.9 bil and 12,000 job creation.

A review Of Perak Hi-Tech Industrial Park Development Masterplan & Strategic Implementation Plan will be conducted by NCIA. The consultant to be onboard in November 2019 and to be completed by April 2020.

The study will revisit the overall development masterplan by conducting a review to cover strategic positioning, proposed clusters, impact reassessment and overall implementation plan.

The study will revisit the overall development masterplan by conducting a review to cover strategic positioning, proposed clusters, impact reassessment and overall implementation plan.

D) Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)

CREST is an Industry-led collaborative platform for market-driven R&D to enable Malaysia to become a high-income nation.

Focus Areas:

  • Research & Development: CREST promotes and facilitates collaborative research between Industry and Academia. [138 Collaborative R&D Projects Approved]
  • Talent Development: CREST’s programmes produces industry-ready graduates with the necessary skills and experience to support the industry across the value-chain. [516 Industry Talent & Technopreneurs, 6,000+ Graduates Trained, 20 Technology Startups facilitated]
  • Commercialization: CREST’s industry engagement initiatives, drive 6 key market verticals in the Internet of Things (IoTs); Healthcare, Manufacturing, Precision Farming, Transportation, Smart Cities, and Retail.
  • Cluster Development: CREST’s programs such as the GaN-on-GaN programme aim to develop local capabilities for LED production utilizing Galium Nitrite Technology (First full functional GaN-on-GaN based LED chip created in GoG Program)

NCER Incentives Package for:

E) Chuping Valley Indusrtial Area (CVIA)

The development study on Chuping Valley Integrated Area (CVIA), initiated by NCIA and the Perlis State Government in 2014 was approved for implementation under RMK-11.The study covered a project site measuring 3,000 acres and comprising a multitude of prime infrastructures and projects including 500 acres for Perlis Inland Port project and a modern industrial park with a land area of 2500 acres primarily focusing on the (3) three focus areas:

  • Green Manufacturing
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Halal Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage (F&B) Product Manufacturing

F) Sidam Logistics Aerospace and Manufacturing (SLAM) hub

SLAM will be built on more than 1,000 acres of land in Sidam Kiri, district of Kuala Muda. In addition to boosting Kedah’s GDP, attracting new investment and creating high-income employment opportunities, the hub will enhance the value chain of the manufacturing and logistics industry and promote intermodal connectivity in the region.

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