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Trading and businesses are highly dependable on seamless Logistics and Connectivity networks. Businesses’ speed, cost, reliability and efficiency within NCER depend crucially on the effective connectivity infrastructure which is vital for the region to remain competitive.

We have an excellent transportation infrastructure connecting all major growth and industrial areas for smooth movement of goods within the region and to the international market in addition to our location being within 6-hour flight to countries that account for 30 per cent of the total global GDP, which includes ASEAN, China, India, Japan, and Korea. Apart from that, NCER’s coastline stretches along a significant portion of Strait of Malacca, which is the crucial link between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean that handles one third of global shipping volume.

Various global companies had made NCER as their hub with substantial investments in modern warehousing to complement the ever-growing economic activities. As Malaysia envisions to be among the top 20 countries in the Logistic Performance Index by the year 2020, NCER plays a substantial role to realise this vision and has structured numerous strategies to be the logistics gateway to the nation and beyond.

The Logistics & Connectivity sector in NCER focuses on the following clusters:



Public Transport



High Impact Projects and Initiatives

We have devised various high impact connectivity projects to complement the industrial activities in the region.

Perlis Inland Port (PIP)

PIP was established to transform Perlis into an international border town and logistics hub with sophisticated port facilities; thus creating socioeconomic growth and generating spillover benefits to the state. This project aims to capitalise on the increasing transhipment opportunities, as two-thirds of products from Southern Thailand enter through border checkpoints in Padang Besar and Bukit Kayu Hitam; with 67% being exported through Penang Port.

Kulim International Aiport (KXP)

The Kulim International Airport (KXP) will be instituted as a complementary infrastructure, to address the forecasted exponential increase in the number of passengers and cargo due to the aggressive development in the pipeline for the northern region. KXP will be strategically planned to focus on cargo aviation, boosting the state’s economy as it would support and improve the flow of business into the region, creating a more conducive and business-friendly ecosystem.

Kangar Sentral

The development of Perlis Integrated Public Transportation Terminal (Kangar Sentral) is a public amenity development at Perlis State Land. The project is established by Perlis State Government and driven by Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri Perlis.

Major Logistics & Connectivity Infrastructure in NCER


Inland Ports

Transportation Hub

  • Penang Sentral (NCER’s Largest Integrated Transportation Terminal)

Key Highways


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