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JomKerja@NCER & JomNiaga@NCER

About NCER

JomKerja@NCER & JomNiaga@NCER

The Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) has rolled out JomKerja@NCER and JomNiaga@NCER as fast track programmes to address affected target groups and stimulate the economy post COVID-19. The programmes provide incentives to companies, SMEs and microenterprises to create jobs and simultaneously generate opportunities to earn higher income through entrepreneurship.


The implementation of JomKerja@NCER and JomNiaga@NCER as an integrated approach for job creation and job retention, facilitates participants in gaining immediate employment and earning a higher income within a short period of time. The initiative entails the JomKerja@NCER and JomNiaga@NCER programmes anchored on reskilling and upskilling, followed by soft skills training to enhance the competitiveness of those participating and directly providing job opportunities to unemployed graduates and retrenched workers.


Microenterprises and SMEs particularly in the informal sector, as well as the youth, women, unemployed graduates and retrenched workers interested in gaining new skills and earn a higher income, are invited to apply to these programmes. At the same time, companies looking to hire or expand within the region will also be facilitated.


NCIA remains committed to ensure that the rakyat, businesses and industries in NCER remain resilient in the face of current economic challenges.

Our Supports

The JomKerja@NCER is implemented to support companies and businesses that are exploring to employ human resources, investing and expanding in NCER. The participating companies are given human capital incentive and access to a varied talent pool comprising fresh graduates, youths, female personnel and retrenched workers to meet their operational needs.


The opportunities accord better quality of life and ensure a skilled workforce that matches industry needs within NCER. Through this programme, companies are encouraged to hire local workforce who will receive high quality skills training and soft skills trainings to enhance their competency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
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The JomNiaga@NCER is aimed at youths, women, small traders, microenterprises, and retrenched workers in the B40 category. As an inclusive human capital programme, the focus will be on modular trainings that will be conducted up to three (3) months to enable the participants generate immediate income. The technical, skilled, and semi-skilled courses will be customised to help participants gain higher income in a short period, as well as enable start-up of businesses with low start-up capital.


The participants will also be equipped with basic entrepreneurship, training and digital literacy, to enhance their skills and competitiveness in e-commerce platforms. This programme also encourages those with basic training or have recently undergone re-skilling or upskilling to be hired by SMEs and microenterprises. Retrenched workers also stand to gain from this programme to earn income and eventually start their own business with low start-up capital. This will help revive economic activities, whilst creating spillover effects to the region.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Download Here

Next Steps: To explore suitable opportunities to become entrepreneurs, to gain employment and increase income, please contact the JomKerja@NCER and JomNiaga@NCER Contact Centre at eapplicationcontactcentre@ncer.com.my or call 04-5030 198 / 04-5030 199 for further details.


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