16 Mar 2021 . Empowering the Rakyat
Feedback from Clarivate GBC Penang about JomKerja@NCER and NTEP

“I think that JomKerja@NCER and NCER Talent Enhancement Programme (NTEP) are good efforts from the government to help entice corporations to look at fresh graduates as well as retrenched workers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Feedback from Mr. Shankar, Vice President of Clarivate GBC, Pulau Pinang about the programme. JomKerja@NCER is implemented to support companies and businesses that are exploring to employ human resources, or those investing and expanding in NCER. NTEP is to help create job opportunities for Malaysian youths, unemployed graduates, and retrenched workers.

Through these programmes, participants receive high-quality work and soft skills training to enhance their competitiveness; while participating companies receive incentives and readily available talents.

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