10 Jul 2020 . Empowering the Rakyat
Kasih Ibu Darul Aman (KIDA)

The government recognises the role of mothers as the main pillar of the family and the community as a whole. Mothers play a pivotal role, not only in educating and raising children, but they also often hold the responsibility of managing family finances. Thus, the Government has introduced the Kasih Ibu Darul Aman (KIDA) programme to assist mothers from poor and hardcore poor groups in Kedah.

The primary objective of KIDA is to cover the cost of living through financial assistance for mothers with low income to purchase basic necessities and obtain healthcare benefits. As at February 2020, 4,281 KIDA recipients in Kedah are receiving a monthly finance assistance of RM250 through cashless card to purchase basic essential items at over 60 convenient stores and 14 chain merchants. They are also eligible to receive healthcare treatment and services valued at RM500 per year at over 120 clinics in Kedah.