empowering the Rakyat

empowering the Rakyat


The well-being of communities is dependent on the ability of its people to gain access to social and economic opportunities.


To help more people develop their full potential, NCIA has implemented several programmes to help empower the rakyat in NCER.


These programmes are aimed at improving the welfare of the region’s rakyat and focuses on:

a) Reducing the impact of high cost of living
b) Providing children with access to education
c) Training youth, women, unemployed graduates, retrenched workers and Orang Asli in entrepreneurship skills and knowledge
d) Encourage growth and competitiveness among local SMEs and micro enterprises


These initiatives help increase the rakyat’s purchasing power, ensure a sufficiently skilled workforce that is relevant to industry needs, and provide support to entrepreneurs and SMEs who are the backbone of the local economy. These initiatives will also help the various industries such as manufacturing and architectural sector by providing more potential higher calibre employees which in turn will help their industry grow.


With access to these opportunities, the rakyat can be empowered to boost their socio-economic status and ensure their prosperity.

Targetted at


students from mainstream schools

over the next 5 years

Targetted at


students from Orang Asli Families

over the next 5 years

Targetted at


students sponsored by PETRONAS

over the next 5 years

Addressing Cost of Living

The rising cost of living is a major concern among the rakyat, especially those from low-income households who are already struggling to make ends meet.

Upskilling Communities

Upskilling involves learning new skills and enhancing competencies.

Preventing Future Poor

Education is one of the keys to poverty eradication.

Growing Enterprises

At NCIA, we believe that one of the best ways to improve economic conditions in emerging markets is to help entrepreneurs grow.


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