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NCER Priority Sectors

Invest in NCER

NCER Priority Sectors

Spurring the Growth of High-value Economic Activities

Under NCER’s Strategic Development Plan (2021-2025), efforts will be channeled towards the following six priority sectors to spur the growth of high-value industries that will provide businesses the greatest chance for expansion and success:



The manufacturing sector in NCER has experienced steady growth since its inception, contributing up to 22% of Malaysia’s manufacturing GDP.



Agribusiness is key to the national food security agenda and is the third largest contributor to NCER’s economy, making up 9.2% of the region’s GDP and contributing RM19.7 billion to Malaysia’s GDP in 2018.



The services sector plays a major role in the growth and development of NCER’s economy. 

Tourism, Logistics & Connectivity, Digital Economy and Education are expected to boost NCER’s gross domestic product (GDP), as the region moves towards achieving a world-class economic region status.


Green Economy

Like the rest of the world, NCER is going green and plans to establish a green economic zone by leveraging the region’s natural resources.



Petrochemical is a high potential sector in NCER, as the region has an abundant feedstock supply of natural gas. This significant industry creates downstream products to be supplied to other industries such as manufacturing, ranging from automotive to electronics, and textiles to pharmaceuticals.


Sustainable Mining

Mining is an economic sector with a long history in the region, dating back over 100 years. Moving forward, efforts will be channelled to ensure that mining activities are carried out in a sustainable manner throughout NCER. 


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