17 Aug 2021 . News
FGV With Felcra And Baladna Food Industries Aim To Double Dairy Production In Malaysia

FGV Holdings Berhad via its FGV Farming will be working with FELCRA Berhad and Qatar based Baladna Food Industries to carry out a comprehensive feasibility and technical study on the potential to co-invest in an integrated dairy farm business in Chuping, Perlis.

This project is part of FGV’s long-term plan to position FGV Chuping Agro Valley as one of the leading agro-valley hubs in Malaysia, that can deliver sustainable value and more importantly address the food security concerns for the country.

Under the MOU signed, the potential initial areas of collaboration include doubling the current production of Malaysian fresh milk within two years, creating a ten thousand milking cow farm with an annual production of one hundred million litres of milk per year. Other potential areas include utilising Malaysian agricultural land to produce largely the required animal feed for the dairy farm, as well as using the joint venture farm as a hub that supports small rural farms in developing small cattle fatting farms and animal feed farms by 2024.

In addition, the partnership will also look into building an industrial farm and commencement of dairy production, and to operate an industrial farm producing two million litres of milk on a weekly basis. This is with the aim of doubling the production of fresh milk in Malaysia, reduce imports substantially, provide fresh healthy milk to consumers, as well as to support the Malaysian farmers.

FGVIF is a company with businesses primarily in cash crops, paddy and rice, animal nutrition and protein, livestock and dairy farming activities. FELCRA is a corporate organisation wholly owned by the Minister of Finance with the objective to develop rural areas by helping the rural community to participate in economic activities and to improve their living standards.

Meanwhile, BALADNA is a Qatari agricultural company that raises livestock and produces dairy products. It is Qatar’s largest locally-owned food and dairy producer, supplying the majority of the country’s fresh dairy product.



Source : Business Today – 17 August 2021 (Tuesday)

Source link : https://www.businesstoday.com.my/2021/08/16/fgv-with-felcra-and-baladna-food-industries-aim-to-double-dairy-production-in-malaysia/