08 Jan 2021 . News
Local agro farm aims to become major frozen meat supplier

SINTOK, Jan 7 —  Recent news on the illegal imported meat cartel has left an unpleasant taste in the mouth for many Malaysians, but it gave Fatimah MZ Agro Farm Sdn Bhd the drive to become one of the major halal frozen meat suppliers in the country.

Chief executive officer Zainol Abidin Mohamad said demand for frozen meat is currently on the rise and consumers are now very sensitive about the halal status of the meat.

“If the frozen meat is locally produced, I am sure consumers will be more confident in the halal status of the meat, and this is what drives me to run this enterprise.

“Our farm is 100 per cent Muslim-owned, with livestock comprising cattle and goats, deers, Muscovy ducks, chickens, turkeys and rabbits,” he told Bernama when met at his farm in Mukim Temin.

He said Fatimah MZ Agro Farm also supplies livestock at very competitive rates which are guaranteed to be lower than other farms in the surrounding area.

“We are also willing to provide additional services to our customers. Livestock purchased from us can be slaughtered and processed at our farm even when ordered in small quantities because our main objective is to meet the customers’ needs.

“We also provide cooking services, especially for goat and deer dishes, and can cater for barbecues as well,” he said.

Zainol Abidin said the company’s farm can accommodate up to 1,000 cattle, 2,000 goats and 5,000 rabbits at any one time, and the company is currently in the midst of cultivating a grazing area of more than 4.04 hectares.

“We really hope that the government can assist in providing a grazing area, because right now the feed cost is very high, so if they can help, the cost will be lower and we can sell our livestock at a lower price.

“We also hope to get the government’s help in improving the barn infrastructure and drainage system, as we care about the quality of our livestock. Our livestock also only drink mineral water, not ordinary piped water,” he said.

He said the company expects to achieve sales of 500 cattle and 1,000 goats for the Hari Raya Aidiladha this year, and monthly sales of 100 goats and 20 cattle.

On its long term plan, Zainol Abidin said the company is prepared to collaborate with any agencies in organising special courses on animal farming to attract more youths — especially those who are unemployed — to the field.

“Livestock farming can be quite lucrative if we use the right method and have the right knowledge,” he said.



Source: Bernama – 7 January 2021 (Thursday)