Abalone Farming

Abalone farming is another initiative to promote the development of premium aquaculture products in NCER, of which it is the first commercial-scale abalone cultivation in Peninsular Malaysia. Located in Manjung, Perak, the farm has begun producing abalone seeds and is on track to reach 5 million seeds production by the year 2021.

This initiative is being implemented in collaboration with SE Aquatech Sdn. Bhd. which acts as the anchor company. We are working closely with the anchor company to create synergy farms in the area with the assistance of the anchor company, which will create new entrepreneurs and job opportunities in this industry.

Interested to collaborate with us?

NCIA is promoting the Anchor Company Business Model in NCER’s agriculture sector. Identified anchor companies are expected to develop their own nucleus farms of high-value agricultural and aquaculture products such as superfruits and abalone, before taking up active roles in developing satellite farms within the region and providing the new entrepreneurs with technical assistance and strategic inputs.

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