Superfruits @NCER

NCER has embarked on the superfruit initiative to develop a complete industry supply chain based on this high-value and nutritious fruit. To kick-start this initiative, Superfruits Valley with a total land area of 25 hectares has been developed in Chuping, Perlis, where the nucleus farm is currently producing figs, lemon and gac for both local and foreign markets.

This initiative is being implemented in collaboration with FigDirect Sdn. Bhd., which acts as the anchor company. We are working closely with the anchor company to identify and develop new satellite farms within NCER, which will create new entrepreneurs and job opportunities in this industry.

Interested to collaborate with us?

NCIA is promoting the Anchor Company Business Model in NCER’s agriculture sector. Identified anchor companies are expected to develop their own nucleus farms of high-value agricultural and aquaculture products such as superfruits and abalone, before taking up active roles in developing satellite farms within the region and providing the new entrepreneurs with technical assistance and strategic inputs.

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