Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)

CREST is an Industry-led collaborative platform for market-driven R&D to enable Malaysia to become a high-income nation.

Focus Areas:

  • Research & Development: CREST promotes and facilitates collaborative research between Industry and Academia. (138 Collaborative R&D Projects Approved)
  • Talent Development: CREST’s programmes produce industry-ready graduates with the necessary skills and experience to support the industry across the value chain. (516 Industry Talent & Technopreneurs, 6,000+ Graduates Trained, 20 Technology Startups facilitated)
  • Commercialisation: CREST’s industry engagement initiatives, drive six (6) key market verticals in the Internet of Things (IoT); Healthcare, Manufacturing, Precision Farming, Transportation, Smart Cities, and Retail.
  • Cluster Development: CREST’s programs such as the GaN-on-GaN programme aim to develop local capabilities for LED production utilising Gallium Nitrite Technology (First full functional GaN-on-GaN based LED chip created in GoG Program)

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