About NCER

About NCER

The Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) was launched in 2007

NCER is one of the regions identified under the Ninth Malaysia Plan for the promotion of balanced and equitable national economic development. It covers the four northern states of Peninsular Malaysia: Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang and Perak.

It is one of five economic corridors in Malaysia that was established to ensure equitable distribution of wealth across the country, in line with national aspirations to become a high-income developed nation.


The region has a highly evolved, business-friendly environment, with local businesses adopting world-class delivery standards to cater to the needs of multinational corporations (MNCs). As a result, many MNCs have invested and made NCER as one of their global business hubs. 


The region’s economic growth and transformation is driven through various initiatives led by the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA).

Key Statistics

NCER spans 32,404 km², with a population of 6.8 million as of 2018. Here is a quick snapshot of other key statistics.




Strategic Location

The region’s prominent position within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) makes it an important gateway in Southeast Asia for investment in businesses and commercial expansion for various industries


Mature Business Ecosystem

Over the years, NCER has developed a highly efficient technical and business support ecosystem which facilitates private sector participation in the region.


Established Logistics Network & Dynamic Infrastructure

NCER is home to the second busiest airport and one of the busiest seaports in Malaysia. The Malaysian Government is currently channelling investments for infrastructure into NCER to improve international and regional connectivity.


Major Role In The Nations’ Food Security

NCER is regarded as Malaysia’s “rice bowl” and currently produces over one-third of the nation’s paddy demand. Paddy production, along with other agricultural products, play an important role in fulfilling the nation’s food security agenda.


Internationally Recognised Tourism Destinations

The region’s tourism industry is also renowned for its diverse and historically rich tourism attractions. These include: 


  • George Town in Pulau Pinang, one of the UNESCO Historic Cities of the Straits of Malacca.
  • Lenggong Valley in Perak, a UNESCO Archaeological Heritage Site which houses the “Perak Man”, Southeast Asia’s oldest, most complete human skeleton.
  • Sungai Batu, Lembah Bujang in Kedah, home to Southeast Asia’s oldest known civilisation.


Steady Flow of Talent

NCER has a steady supply of industry-relevant talent that is developed through upskilling programmes, on-the-job training at various business establishments and regular industry – academia engagements.


Future Ready

The region is ready to invest in new technologies and innovation to remain competitive and relevant for the current and future economic landscape.


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