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NCER Technology Innovation Centre (NTIC) is a programme under NCER’s “Tech Valley” initiative that focuses on activities related to research, product development and specific design that will act as a platform for large local companies (LLC), multinational corporations (MNC), small medium enterprises (SME), start-ups as well as individual technocrats and young entrepreneurs to undertake high value-added high-tech activities at NCER and subsequently generate their own Intellectual Properties (IP).

Ncer Tech Valley



To strengthen the talent and industry ecosystem in NCER, and create innovative and high value-added activities.



  • To strengthen ecosystem in less developed areas. 
  • To address mismatch & shortages of skilled labour to meet industry demand. 
  • To elevate the competitiveness of local companies in moving up the value chain.

Industry Ecosystem

Industrial ecosystems encompass all players operating in a value chain: from the smallest start-ups to the largest companies, from academia and research service providers to suppliers. NTIC focuses on nurturing local companies to move up the value chain through vendor development and localisation by providing the necessary ecosystems for them to thrive.

Talent Ecosystem


Talent has been the most important factor in developing the economy. In the world with fast technological advancement, there is a need to bridge the gap between talent supply and demand. NTIC focuses on building talent alliances, enhancing talent standards, improving skills that are tailored to the current industry demand. Ultimately, NTIC strives to build academic, industry and public talent ecosystems to support the development of technologies and industries in NCER.


Using the “quad helix” approach to drive innovative and sustainable economic development, NTIC focuses on five key sectors as core enablers, namely Electrical and Electronics (E&E), Machinery and Equipment (M&E), Medical Technology & Devices (MTD), Aerospace and Agri-Technology.


Mismatch between the skills of graduates and employer requirements

Interruption of supply chain

Lack of sustainable ecosystem in less developed area

Lack of capability and productivity, process inefficiency

Lack of competitive services/products

Less focus on local SME development


NTIC offers facilitation services via collaborations with well established strategic partners locally and globally.



NTIC facilitates local companies that intend to set up incubators in NCER through our strategic partners such as CREST, MTDC, TusStar and MRANTI.

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