Strategic, High-Impact Projects & PROGRAMMES

Strategic, high-impact projects and programmes in NCER are designed to contribute directly and significantly towards job creation, encouraging entrepreneurship, high income for the rakyat and increase in investments.


Public Projects

Public Projects

Strategic, high-impact projects have wide-reaching benefits to society and the economy. They typically address a critical need, or drive development by catalysing growth in the region or industry.

Public projects are driven and financed by the public sector, and are typically owned by the government. After a project has been developed and implemented, the private sector may come in to provide support for the operational phase.


Private Projects

Driven, owned and wholly financed by the private sector, private projects are mainly profit-driven and address specific business needs in the economy.

Private projects in NCER cover a wide range of industries, from energy to manufacturing, and tourism to agro fishery. In most cases, the basic and supporting infrastructure required for private projects are usually already in place.


Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects

PPP projects are collaborative efforts driven by the public and private sectors, common in infrastructure and industrial park projects, requiring significant capital expenditure. For most PPP’s in NCER, the role and financing percentage between the public and private sector normally ranges between 30:70 to a more even 50:50 ratio.

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