DU@NCER is a catalytic fund designed as a tipping point for qualified Bumiputera SMEs to explore new investments or business developments in line with the NCER Strategic Development Plan (SDP2021-2025) and the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (RMK-12) which focuses on the core industrial sectors in NCER.

Grant support up to 15% of the Qualifying Project Cost (QPC) or a maximum of RM2 Million (whichever is lower).

Note: Grants are subject to the current provisions of NCIA and any decision, approval, and amount of grant offerings made by the Approval Committee Members shall be final.

MBIAB Ventures Sdn Bhd


MBIAB Ventures is a strategic partnership between Art Best Sdn Bhd and Kedah state subsidiary, Menteri Besar Kedah Incorporated (MBI Kedah).

The company is utilising DU@NCER for the development of the Eagle Nest Skywalk, set to be the world’s longest free-standing cantilever glass skywalk. Located at Gunung Mat Chinchang, which is part of the Langkawi UNESCO Global Geopark, Eagle Nest Skywalk will be perched on a stunning site which offers a spectacular view and a thrilling experience for visitors.

This project is expected to propel Langkawi’s global image to greater heights and will be developed by experienced, award-winning industry professionals who worked on other similar attractions in Malaysia, such as the Langkawi SkyBridge, Langkawi SkyGlide, Penang Hill Funicular, revitalisation of KOMTAR Tower, and Rainbow Skywalk at KOMTAR, among others.

Eagle Nest Skywalk will involve a total investment of RM30 million and is expected to create 25 new jobs for the local community once it is completed and opened to the public in March 2021.

A person cutting raw chicken


Ayam Bismi is a leading Bumiputera company in the northern region involved in poultry farming and processing. 

The company is utilising funds from DU@NCER to help enhance its chicken processing capacity through the construction of a new processing plant in Alor Setar, Kedah, as well as installation of machineries and procurement of commercial vehicles. Through this project, Ayam Bismi will be able to double its processing capacity to 30,000 birds per day to cater to market demand, especially from Kedah and Perlis. 

The project will involve a total investment of RM8.2 million and is expected to create up to 60 new jobs for the local communities once completed in 2020. Ayam Bismi will also help create new entrepreneurship opportunities for those who are interested in setting up Ayam Bismi outlets through their Business Transformation Programme.

Biomass pellets


Based in Behrang, Perak, Usaha Strategik is involved in the trading and processing of empty fruit bunch (EFB) into biomass pellets. 

In 2016, the company signed an MOU with two Japanese companies (Nissin Shoji Co Ltd and Japan Bioenergy Co Ltd) to supply EFB biomass pellets to Japan. To fulfil the demand from both companies, Usaha Strategik is now planning to set up a new factory and will utilise funds from DU@NCER to install two complete pelletising systems for palm oil biomass. 

This project will have a total investment value of RM7.5 million and is expected to create up to 20 new jobs for the local community.

Project characteristics for grant applications

Value Chain

Increasing the participation  of Bumiputera SME companies.

Job Opportunities & Entrepreneurship

Create job opportunities, especially for skilled and semi-skilled levels, and create entrepreneurial opportunities.

Multiplier Effect

Create activities that can have an economic spillover effect on  the local community in NCER.

Driving Economic Growth

Bridging the economic gap between regions through the  development of catalytic projects.

Improving the Industrial Ecosystem

Projects that emphasize automation and digitalization adaptation and adoption, local vendor development, ESG compliance, and development of a higher-level product or market.


Note: The cost of the project does not take into account the land price, the purchase of the finished building, operating expenses including working capital, and the associated costs of intangible assets and the cost of services.


  • Companies must be incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 2016 with a minimum paid-up  capital of RM50,000.00.
  • The company has an effective Bumiputera shareholding of at least 51%.
  • The company has sufficient financial standing to carry out the project (i.e: >85% of the project cost) and can prove adequate finances.
  • The executive officers and the majority of top management are Bumiputera.

  • Companies that are not sole proprietorships or partnerships (enterprises), publicly listed companies, government-linked  companies (Government Linked  Companies – GLCs and Government Linked Investment Companies –  GLICs), cooperatives, foundations, associations or organizations.
  • The company has obtained the right to undertake the project on the proposed  land/site/premise (written approval from the owner) and at least the approval of  full/limited Planning Permission by Local Authorities (PBT) and/or mandatory approval from other relevant agencies for project implementation.
  • The company can apply for a grant using the DU@NCER Application Form within the project development period.



Note: All applications are online. The validity period of the Pre-Application Form is six (6) months. The start date of the process is after NCIA receives the COMPLETE document from the applicant.

Economic clusters focus





 Digital Economy

 Sustainable Mining

 Green Economy




Note: 1) Payment of a 5% service fee is deduced from the value of the grant received by the company; 2) The minimum CP is three (3) months or another period as approved; (3) The reimbursement method is subject to approval by the Approval Committee.


Three (3) years of Project Monitoring and Compliance:


Nilai Pelaburan

Investment Value

Peluang Pekerjaan & Keusahawanan

Job Opportunities & Entrepreneurship

Impak Sosio-ekonomi

Socio-economic Impact

Note: Project Monitoring will be conducted after 100% project completion.

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