Kedah Digital Library (KDL)

The Kedah Digital Library (KDL) offers visitors a creative reading space and a new dimension in the quest for knowledge via digitalisation.

KDL is housed at the existing Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman Building in Alor Setar, in an area spanning 2.13 acres. The building itself is an iconic landmark, rich with heritage value and charm, nestled in a lush green area.

The development of KDL is undertaken in two phases.


Phase 1
Phase 2

These will be complemented with commercial facilities such as a cafeteria and restaurant, as well as a community hall that will serve as a multi-event space. With Phase 1 completed, KDL provides a conducive environment that encourages interaction and collaboration; and as a place where knowledge is obtained via the use of information and communication technology.



Meeting area

Meeting area

Reading area

Reading area

Discussion area

Discussion area

Discussion area in the library.


Reading area in the library.


Meeting area in the library.

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