Kedah Rubber City (KRC)

Located in Kedah, KRC is the first dedicated Rubber Industrial Park in Malaysia. Covering an area of


1,244 acres


it is envisioned to accelerate the development of Malaysia’s rubber industry.

The project is a synergistic effort supported by Malaysia and Thailand to stimulate socioeconomic development in the border region. It will be developed into a “Rubber Corridor” that will link the region’s major rubber producers in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT).

KRC will also strengthen the rubber value chain across the upstream, midstream and downstream segments in the IMT-GT sub-region, which will enable local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to be more competitive.

Once it is completed by 2030, within 15 years, this project:


Expected to contribute over
RM14.7 bil

to the country’s Gross Domestic Product

Expected to create

job opportunities


Malaysia's First Dedicated Rubber Eco Industrial Park

focus clusters

These seven (7) key clusters have been identified for KRC:


Advanced Latex Products

Tyre and Tyre Related Products

Automotive Rubber Products

Engineering Rubber Products

Advanced Rubber Materials


Services & Support

latest project status


Aerial view towards sectional completion.



Platform level in progress at sectional completion.

Utilities Readiness


Total Supply

On-site Utilities Readiness

Phase 1

Phase 2

Electricity41 MVA per hour35 MVA per hour
Water40 MLD per day
Gas500,000 mmBTU per year
Telecommunication700 ports of supply
Incentives and Facilitation Incentives and Facilitation

Incentives and Facilitation

NCER offers investors a dynamic and vibrant business ecosystem with ideal opportunities for growth and profits. Potential investors are welcomed to explore available incentives and facilitation by NCIA.

Kedah Rubber City (KRC) Brochure
Kedah Rubber City (KRC) Brochure
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