Invest in NCER

Ecosystem Support & Incentives

Invest in NCER

Ecosystem Support & Incentives


NCER offers investors a dynamic and vibrant business ecosystem with ideal opportunities for growth and profits.


In addition to its well-developed infrastructure and productive workforce, the region is governed by a well-established legal system with pro-business Government policies and supported by a market-oriented economy.


The powerhouse economies of China and India are also easily accessible from the region via world-class transport infrastructure, which provides further opportunities for cross-border trade and investment.


Malaysia, with its open and liberal economy policies, has Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with most of its trading partners and is a member of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). This allows businesses in NCER to engage in virtually tariff-free trade, which in turn enables cost-effective businesses.


Pro-Business Government

  • A competitive and business friendly location, with dedicated agencies providing end-to-end facilitation for investors at the regional, state and federal levels
  • Liberal and transparent investment policies
  • Competitive and customisable incentive packages covering tax incentives, talent incentives and entrepreneurial promotion
  • Political and economic stability


Strategic Location

  • Located at the crossroads of Asia, right in the heart of international trade route Positioned within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT), with high levels of cooperation and cross-border trade
  • Access to a potential market of 3.3 billion people, reachable within a  6-hour flight radius from the region


Dynamic and Comprehensive Infrastructure

  • Excellent logistics, utilities and telecommunication infrastructure with a focus on increasing IR4.0 readiness across the region
  • Strong broadband coverage
  • Thematic parks that leverage on region-specific strengths
  • Ample, readily available industrial lands for development


Global Business Ecosystem

  • A mature and established international business destination with a track record spanning 45 years
  • Strong presence of global hubs for leading multinational companies (MNCs)
  • Harmonisation of activities across the region with efforts to minimise state-state competition(I think this info is not suitable to be shared to attract investors)
  • Focus on the promotion and facilitation of high-value investments
  • Capitalisation on the spillover from established investment regions to enrich surrounding environs, in line with the “Shared Prosperity” ideal
  • High quality of life with continued focus on increasing livability levels for both expatriates and local denizens


Availability of Talent

  • A steady pool of industry-relevant and industry-ready talents
  • High levels of interaction, consultation and cooperation between industries, government and academia
  • Platforms and opportunities for Industry-Academia R&D activities
  • Multiple COEs for industry-led R&D activities
  • Programmes for upskilling, reskilling and on-the-job training, including IR4.0 Readiness programmes
  • Programmes which create and promote an entrepreneurial culture
  • Multilingual and multicultural workforce



The NTax package contains broad-based fiscal incentives that are offered to encourage high-value and substantive investments that spearhead NCER’s development.



NTEP is a human capital incentive programme for companies investing and expanding in NCER, as well as companies that are actively hiring.



The DU Programme is a Facilitation Fund created as a tipping point for Bumiputera private investment initiatives in NCER. The programme supports Bumiputera companies to be more competitive and catalytic in the implementation of projects in the region.


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