Ecosystem Support & Incentives

Dana Usahawan (DU@NCER)

Ecosystem Support & Incentives

Dana Usahawan (DU@NCER)

Bumiputera private investment initiatives

The DU Programme is a Facilitation Fund created as a tipping point for Bumiputera private investment initiatives in NCER. The programme supports Bumiputera companies to be more competitive and catalytic in the implementation of projects in the region.


DU offers grants of up to 15% of eligible project costs or a maximum of RM2 million (whichever is lower) to applicants developing NCER’s key economic clusters while creating economic impact and spillovers.


We have recently enhanced the Programme to complement the Malaysian Government’s additional measures for SMEs under the PRIHATIN SME+ Stimulus Package, first announced on 6 April 2020 to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and the Movement Control Order.


The package is designed to assist Bumiputera SMEs in infrastructure development and in purchasing machinery or equipment through convenient and early grant disbursement. This will allow the companies to remain operational, maintain existing employees, and retain business contracts from micro enterprises. The approved funding will be disbursed in 3 stages: initial (10%) and project progress of 50% and 100%.

Criteria and Eligibility Requirements:

An infographic showing criteria and eligibility requirements for a facilitation fund for Bumiputera SMEs.

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To apply for DU, kindly download the NCER Incentives Pre-Application Form and email the completed form to us at


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