ATMP is a customised upskilling / reskilling certification programme for high skilled talent development; lead by the industry, and endorsed by the academia to meet industry needs.


Eligibility Criteria
  • Companies registered or located in NCER.
  • Target participants: graduates, school leavers and existing industry workers.
  • Educational level: SPM, Certificate, Diploma, Degree and higher.
  • Application must be made before the training starts.
  • Minimum of 3 pax and a maximum of 30 pax per application.
Meister Certification Programme
  • Industry relevant modules, endorsed by academia and / or technical skill development centres/ agencies.
  • The courses must be Meister (upskilling and / or reskilling) courses that are required by the industry and certified by the academia.
  • Allows for the integration of NTEP and ATMP but needs to differentiate training and Meister programmes with no similarities in content / syllabus/modules/courses.
  • Medium to high technology upskilling / reskilling syllabus.
Meister Duration
  • Meister duration: Maximum of 12 months.
  • Meister hours: Minimum of 64 hours.
  • Eligibility for allowance claim: Minimum of 32 hours per month.
Meister Provider
  • Provider: Academia / technical skill development centres, registered under the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) or certified by Department of Skills Development (DSD) – Sistem Latihan Program Bertauliah (SLaPB) under the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR).
  • Trainers: Subject matter experts (with industry experience of more than 5 years) or lecturers from universities/technical institutions.
  • Reimbursement method.
  • To ensure no double dipping from other agencies (HRD Corp, Talent Corp, etc).
  • To ensure the content / syllabus/modules / courses do not overlap with other NCIA incentive programmes such as NTEP.
  • Course fees: Maximum of RM6,000 per person (upon course completion).
  • Allowances: Maximum of RM600 per person/month for 6 months (upon completion or quarterly disbursement).

Agreement period:

  • 12 months (Course duration: 1 to 6 months)
  • 18 months (Course duration: 7 to 12 months)

Pre-Application Form

If you are ready to apply for any of the offered incentives, download the Pre-Application Form below and send to us via email to For any further query please contact +604 502 0708 or



Pre-Application Form 
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Pre-Application Form
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