Centre of Excellence (CoE)

A Centre of Excellence in the technology industry acts as a technology provider and a nucleus for driving progress, fostering collaboration, and elevating the overall capabilities of professionals and organisations within a specific technological domain. Providing a platform for local companies to carry out high-value technology activities.

“CoE Provider” is a programme for industries, academia & agencies that have expertise in providing engineering services, R&D, commercialisation, testing, reliability and other engineering consultancy services to nurture local companies by undertaking high technological activities.

“CoE User” is a programme for local companies in NCER that intend to carry out high technological activities to move up the value chain.

Eligibility Criteria
  • MNCs, Large Local Companies, SMEs, academia, or technical agencies that own, manage and maintain CoE.
  • Private Initiative.
  • Obtain accreditation / recognition from any local or international bodies based on the company’s specialisation.
  • Proven track record from previous projects.
  • Stable financial standing.
  • The services provided must be in accordance with the NTIC framework.
  • Industry relevant centres which are recognized by industry captains and / or NTIC programme advisors (subject matter experts).
  • CoE Providers are allowed to be located outside of NCER and are recognized by industry captains and / or NTIC programme advisors (subject matter experts).
  • To collaborate with NTIC under local vendor development initiatives to move up the value chain.
  • Provide shared services and engineering consultancy for the project to the CoE User.
  • Joint promotion activities.
  • Shared services, R&D, testing / reliability lab, and / or high skilled talent development training centres. Technology is up to date and aligned to industry’s needs.
  • Equipment is owned, managed, maintained, and calibrated by the CoE Owner.
  • Contract up to 2025 (RMK-12).
  • Contract with NCIA for services & monitoring of the CoE User with regards to the project, its development, and its implementation.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Local Micro, SME and Large Local Companies in NCER.
  • Product / process development activities to move up value chain and must be performed by NTIC’s approved CoE Provider.
Project Criteria
  • The project must have strategic impact to the ecosystem development and value chain in NCER.
  • The project must be in accordance with the NTIC framework.
  • The project must have a business model for long term self-sustainability.
  • Matching grant, 50:50 ratio, capped at RM25,000 per project.
  • Maximum of one project to develop per year / company and to allow the usage of multiple CoE Providers. Funding is for the services and consultancy, including usage of equipment, testing, reliability, failure analysis and R&D&D&C activities provided by NTIC’s approved CoE Provider.
  • To ensure no double dipping from other agencies (Cradle, MIDA, MRANTI etc) through due diligence during claim submission.
Reimbursement Method
  • Reimbursement based on invoice, within three months after project completion.
  • Project status verification by appointed industry CoE for full disbursement upon completion of the service usage.
AgreementProject duration: Maximum of 12 months from the date of approval.
Agreement period: Maximum of 15 months from the date of approval.


If you are ready to apply for any of the offered incentives, download the Pre-Application Form below and send to us via email to ntic.secretariat@ncer.com.my. For any further query please contact +604 502 0708 or ntic.secretariat@ncer.com.my.


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Pre-Application Form
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