Estate Management Model 2.0

At the core of EMM 2.0 is a commitment to not only increase paddy yield but also uplift the income of farmers, particularly those within the B40 bracket, where earnings have remained stagnant. This transformation will be achieved through a multifaceted approach encompassing land consolidation, the establishment of a centrally managed estate led by the Anchor Company, the implementation of precision farming techniques, and the integration of cash crops to serve as a potential source of additional income for farmers.

In aligning with the broader national agenda, EMM 2.0 addresses the critical issue of food security. By enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the paddy industry, the initiative contributes significantly to ensuring a stable and secure domestic food supply. This strategic move underscores NCIA's commitment to advancing not only economic development but also to fulfilling a crucial role in supporting national priorities related to food sustainability and security.

estate management model

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