Sidam Logistics, Aerospace and MANUFACTURING HUB (SLAM)

SLAM is a high-impact project in Mukim Sidam, Kedah focusing on high-value activities in manufacturing, logistics and aerospace. 

These range from aerospace and manufacturing of avionics and aircraft interiors, maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities, as well as high-value manufacturing such as pharmaceuticals and Electrical & Electronics (E&E).

High-Value Activities


Avionics, Aircraft Interiors and MRO
  • Avionics - Starting from a strong E&E base in NCER
  • Aircraft interiors and components MRO supports the achievement of economic complexity objective
  • MRO activities, including component MRO 

Logistics Activities


Intermodal Logistic District and 4th Party Logistics (4PL)
  • Intermodal rail-road hinterland terminal
  • 4PL logistic services of optimisation of logistics cost for industrial park tenants



Manufacturing Activities



Other manufacturing content for SLAM focusing on HVM


Provision of base catchment for logistic activities


Alignment with industry4WRD’s focus sectors and NCER Strategic Framework

Target Audience

Catalyst for Kedah’s Economic Growth through Aerospace and HVM in Enabling Malaysia’s Aspiration as the Aerospace Hub for ASEAN Region.


Aircraft Manufacturing & Components


High Volume Manufacturing

Engineering & Research Centres

Aviation Logistics & Air Express

International Distribution Centre

Incentives AND Facilitation

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