Kedah is a vibrant melting pot of cultural richness, historical significance, and economic dynamism. Fronting the ever-busy Straits of Malacca, was already a prominent hub for traders from around the world as far back as 2,000 years ago. 

Renowned as the "Rice Bowl of Malaysia," Kedah plays a pivotal role in the nation's agricultural landscape, contributing significantly to food production. Beyond its agricultural prowess, Kedah is undergoing a transformative journey driven by strategic initiatives led by NCIA. 

The state is a focal point for developmental projects that encompass infrastructure, industry, and human capital. In the manufacturing sector, Kedah is well on track to become a centre for high-value industries in the region, thanks to the Kulim Hi-Tech Park, Malaysia’s first ever high-technology park.

The confluence of traditional heritage and modern development makes Kedah a compelling destination for investment, showcasing the harmonious integration of progress and cultural heritage within the tapestry of the Northern Corridor. Kedah is also strategically located bordering Thailand and has significantly contributed to the nation’s international import and export trade of goods via its border gateway town of Bukit Kayu Hitam.

At the forefront of this transformation are key projects initiated by NCIA, such as Kedah Rubber City (KRC), Sidam Logistics and Aerospace Manufacturing Hub (SLAM), and Kedah Science and Technology Park (KSTP).

KRC, envisioned as a premier rubber eco industry hub, aims to propel the rubber sector forward, fostering innovation and sustainable practices. Meanwhile, SLAM emerges as a strategic logistics and aerospace hub, positioning Kedah as a vital player in these high-growth industries. Complementing these, KSTP serves as a nucleus for research, development, and technological innovation, shaping Kedah's knowledge economy landscape as a centre for scientific progress.

These transformative projects not only diversify Kedah's economic portfolio but also contribute to the region's overall resilience and competitiveness. Kedah, under the influence of NCIA's strategic initiatives, continues to be a compelling destination where tradition meets progress, and where the future unfolds within the rich tapestry of NCER.

Key Economic Activities



  • Logistics Hub (Air, Land, Rail and Sea)
  • Digital Economy (Global Business Services, Ecommerce)


  • Aerospace
  • Rubber Products
  • Biopolymer
  • High Value Manufacturing


  • Paddy & Organic Paddy
  • Special Agro Economic Zone

mining & quarrying

  • Sustainable Mining and Downstream Activities


  • Archaeotourism
  • Geotourism
  • Ecotourism

Development Framework

Efforts for Kedah will be channelled towards developing its border and logistics economy, alongside its ecotourism, heritage tourism, geo-tourism, modern agriculture and livestock industries. Aerospace, a newly identified industry for the state, has great potential for development. These are all in line with Kedah’s vision for a thriving and liveable state, as encapsulated in the Kedah Strategic Development Plan 2035.



Border & Logistics Economy


Heritage Tourism

Heritage Tourism



Modern Agriculture & Livestock Industries

Modern Agriculture & Livestock Industries



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